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Bard - a poet-singer.

Look into Encyclopedia Britannica Online for the original meaning of the word bard as well as for the history of its meaning.

Here is an excerpt for those who do not have access to it:
Bard: a poet, especially one who writes impassioned, lyrical, or epic verse. Bards were originally Celtic composers of eulogy and satire; the word came to mean more generally a tribal poet-singer gifted in composing and reciting verses on heroes and their deeds. As early as the 1st century AD, the Latin author Lucan referred to bards as the national poets or minstrels of Gaul and Britain. ...

From Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary:
bard noun
Pronunciation: 'bärd
Etymology: Middle English, from Scottish Gaelic & Irish
Date: 15th century

1 a : a tribal poet-singer skilled in composing and reciting verses on heroes and their deeds b : a composer, singer, or declaimer of epic or heroic verse
2 : POET
- bard.ic /
'bär-dik/ adjective

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