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This uniquely kind, energetic and gifted man known to us by his music, songwriting and truly renaissance versatility, a laureate of the Grushin festival is experiencing a kidney failure. It has already been a year since he has been undergoing the pain of attending a kidney dialysis clinic twice a week and working without interruption. In the meantime, he supports his own family and a family of refugees from his hometown of Grozny, working in a studio he assembled down to each and every nut, bolt and wire. In the studio, he records songs for the soul and creates commercial advertisements to earn daily bread. Even his commercials have been noticed among the most cultured and talented and won prestigious international awards, such as Moscow ÒCorporate AudioadvertisingÓ contest laureate.

Despite of SergeiÕs strength, the kidney transplant surgery has become unavoidable. It will be conducted at Saint Petersburg Center of Transplant Surgery by Prof. Kabakov. The cost, however, is in the neighborhood of US$30,000.

We, SergeiÕs friends and family, ask all those for who the word ÒhelpÓ means something beyond business connections or even songs and campfire conversations to come to help. Even 10 roubles may be of assistance. We will be twice as grateful if you manage to let the others know of his plight. Sergei is not employed at this time whereas his wifeÕs small salary is all spent on medications for him. Even though his friends try to help, their resources are also exhaustible.

We have opened a rouble deposit account to support Sergei Nazin:

1. The following is the routing information for those willing to donate money outside of Saratov:
Receiving Bank: - AKSB, Saratov Bank SB RF the City of Saratov
BIK: - 0463116499
Corresp. Acct.: - 30101810500000000649
Receiver: - OSB No 130, City of Engels
INN: - 6449010750
Transaction Acct: - 30301810756170212200
SBERBANK 130/071
Acct: - 42301810056170552496/01
Nazin, Sergei Anatolyevich

2. Routing for Sberbank transfers:
Receiver: - OSB No 130, City of Engels
INN: - 6449010750
Transaction Acct: - 30301810756170212200
SBERBANK 130/071
Acct: - 42301810056170552496/01
Nazin, Sergei Anatolyevich

Contact Numbers:
Sergei Zaitsev (Saratov): home.7-(8452) 26-17-91 (eve)
Alexander Timofeev (Saratov): work.7-(8452) 24-76-10,24-92-36,24-72-31
Sergei Schetinin (Saratov): work.7-(8452) 24-92-36; email: serg@time.saratov.su
Andrei Evstigneev (Saratov): home.(8452) 50-82-99; email: krf@tritec.ru

Directly to Sergei: email: serg_nazin@hotmail.com

ATTENTION!!!!   Rosincom Company has established an autoresponder for Sergei. It is a mail robot that may reach even those who have an e-mail address but no internet.
Here is the address: hot-help@worldru.com If you send a message at that address, you will receive a response elaborating on SergeiÕs current health condition.

Please forward this address to as many people as possible!


Sergei has just undergone a serious crisis. Fortunately, his life is not in danger now, but to restore his past capacity, the following medications are needed:

For gemoglobine:   Eritropoetine, Eritrostime, Eprex, Epoetine Alpha

For proteines:   Aminosterine Intravenous, Ketesterine Pills

Address:   S.A. Nazin, Ul. Kommunisticheskaya, 45/3, Engels, Saratovskaya Oblast 413100, Russia.

If you have these medications, please call or write us, we will buy and try to organize the delivery of the medications.

The Internet Folks!

If you would like to help, share a piece of advice or a word of support, please visit the following sites:

- How to help Sergei - Your ideas, thoughts, advice.
- Send a letter - A Webclub form which you can fill out and send directly to Sergei.
- Your response - We appreciate it!
- Those who have helped already - Their help canÕt be overestimated!

Last updated October 12, 1998.
English translation by
Alexander Markman
& Vladimir Ragimov.

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